Guillotine Introduces MMA Jewelry Line

January 8, 2015



New York, NY -- Guillotine, a premium men's and women's lifestyle brand -- and jewelry designfirm XJewel -- have teamed up to create a line of jewelry inspired by mixed martial arts, the fastest growing sport in the world.

"We are huge fans of mixed martial arts, and we understand not only what the fans want, but we know what the fighters want too," said Guillotine co-founder Marcus Mera. "Together with our partners at XJewel, we are designing authentic pieces that are for badasses who have style."

The first collection in the line is Weight Class Dog Tags.

With a choice of 14k Gold or Sterling Silver, fighters and fans can represent their weight class with dog tags featuring every professional MMA division, from Strawweight (115lbs) all the way up to HWT (Heavyweight.)

"It hasn't really been done," said veteran MMA journalist and TV broadcaster Mike Straka. "MMA fans and guys who just train in the various disciplines have been under-served in the jewelry world. There are several T-Shirt companies out there but as far as fine pieces of jewelry, not so much. Boxing has long been synonymous with flashy jewelry, it's about time MMA is."

"This is just the first collection," says Mera. "We are working with some of the top training camps in the country -- where the world's best fighters train -- and we are going to be designing pendants, belt buckles and rings based on the fight team's branding. We are very excited about the designs we've developed with the coaches."

Prices for the Weight Class Dog Tags range from a launch sale price of $99 for Sterling Silver, but customers have the option to choose 14k Gold for $550. 

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Chael Sonnen Believes Chris Weidman Can Do What He Couldn’t… Beat Anderson Silva

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Chael Sonnen has twice faced UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva, and twice he has fallen short.

Despite losing, fighting the man many already consider the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, twice, gives Sonnen a unique insight into what it will take to finally topple Silva.

He believes that Chris Weidman, whom Silva will face at UFC 162 on July 6, is the perfect storm of skills and mental makeup to challenge and possibly even dethrone Silva.

“You don’t have to look to far to realize Chris Weidman has the exact skill set to beat Anderson Silva,” Sonnen declared on Tuesday’s edition of UFC Tonight. “And he’s also got it upstairs. He’s been in tough matches. 

“He has a better top game, at least submission-wise, than I do, and I was able to have some success for several minutes with Anderson from that position.”

The 29-year-old Weidman has yet to taste defeat

in his nine professional bouts, and he has the brash confidence of youth on his side. There’s also a lot of weight to Silva’s 33-4 record, which dwarfs Weidman’s, and the 38 years of wisdom he has amassed.

Sonnen gives Weidman his due as the man that holds the potential to upset Silva, but doesn’t deny the champion’s greatness.

“Let’s also understand,” said Sonnen, “if Anderson Silva wins this fight, the debate ends. He is the best fighter of all time.”